About the Observatory

How are Australian consumer markets for digital media changing? We track how Australians can get access to films, television series, music, and apps through different digital stores and subscription services over time.

The project is funded by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), Australia’s peak body for consumer representation in communications. The operation of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network is made possible by funding provided by the Commonwealth of Australia under section 593 of the Telecommunications Act 1997. This funding is recovered from charges on telecommunications carriers. It is developed by researchers at QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC).

It seeks to understand whether Australians still suffer from an ‘Australia tax’ where we pay more, wait longer, and have less choice than consumers in other countries.

Most importantly, we will be able to explore how digital media markets are changing over time. This data will help us understand how markets are co-evolving with changes to media consumption. With this new infrastructure, we can start to ask many more interesting questions about how cultural production and distribution is changing, how copyright laws are working, and how well digital markets are operating.

This project assesses the relative availability of digital media content to Australian consumers, focusing on download and streaming services. The most popular content will be sampled across film and television, music, computer games, and mobile apps, and availability evaluated across three criteria: pricing, timeliness, and diversity of delivery channel options (including quality and format choices). This data will be used to generate an ongoing comparison between the Australian and US media markets. A detailed report and a consumer-focused website will be published that visualises and explains the data on content availability, helping Australian consumers to make informed choices about digital media content.

Meet the team

The Digital Media Observatory is a project of the Digital Media Research Centre at QUT, and is created by:

Software development for this project was conducted by Irfan Azeez.

Get the data

All of our data is publicly available on Google Bigquery under an open access licence. Contact Nic Suzor for details: [email protected].